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CSA #4 Community Meeting

2018 March 15
by Road Committee

Saturday March 24

10 – noon, Copper Fire Training Room


  1. Introduction & Role of Advisory Members
  2. Active Projects
    1. Sulkey
    2. Stagecoach Bridge
    3. Singletree Bridge
    4. Stagecoach Washout
    5. Stagecoach (West) storm damage
    6. Horseshoe S storm damage
  3.  Future Projects? Reserve Fund
  4.  Road Fees

Road Work to Begin!

2017 December 8
by Road Committee
A big thanks to Supervisor Dennis Mills for facilitating a meeting with Public Works to resolve our road issues. As our first priority, Public Works has agreed to perform immediate repairs to Horseshoe South in order to stabilize the dangerous condition until a more extensive rehabilitation project can take place in 2018.
The Sulkey project will continue which will result in a road that the Road Committee was told will last 30 years.
Questions…email the Road Committee

Missing Street Signs

2017 December 6
by Road Committee

Your Road Committee is compiling a list of missing street signs in the Diamond XX so we can order and place them. Please look around and let us know if you see a missing sign and its location. Example: “Horseshoe S”, corner of hwy 4 & Horseshoe S.

Thanks everyone,

Jeane & Bob

Sulkey Court Rehabilitation

2017 November 9
by Road Committee

Against the advice of the Road Committee, Public Works has submitted to the Board of Supervisors a recommendation that we spend $131,000 to rehabilitate Sulkey Ct. Your Road Committee will be at the Board of Supervisors meeting, Nov 14 to protest this use of our funds. Why? Because there are more critical uses, such as Horseshoe South. Please attend to have your voice heard.

Board of Supervisors Agenda Submittal

Lost a terrier?

2017 September 18
by Jim

Your neighbor Freedom may have it. His address is 5073 Buckboard, and his phone is 941-284-9885.

2017 August 18
by Road Committee

CSA#4 Advisory Committee members, Jeane Kennedy and Bob Toynbee, produced the following document as a report to our Supervisor Dennis Mills.

Click image to enlarge and read.

CSA#4 Correcting Impassable & Deteriorating Road:

2017 May 18
by Road Committee

CSA#4 Correcting Impassable & Deteriorating Roads” is a document prepared by the Road Committee and submitted to County Supervisor Dennis Mills. This document is a prioritized list of Diamond XX road repair and improvements needs. The intent of the report is to convey to Calaveras County Public Works the road projects that need to be undertaken within the Diamond XX and their priority.

Road Committee Community Meeting

2017 March 7
by Road Committee
Road Committee Community Meeting
March 25, 2017 – 10am
Copper Fire Station Training Rm
  • Money in account
  • Projects
  • Emergency Fund
  • Liabilities

See you there!

Missing a piglet?

2017 February 21
by Jim

Your neighbor Nicole probably has it:

You wouldn’t happen to be missing a piglet, would you?  I was trying to see if I could post on the Diamond XX site, maybe you could help to get the word out? We had one wander in our yard today, my daughter was able to catch it and we have him/her safe but a little scared.


Spraying for Weed Control

2017 January 9
by Road Committee

The County Ag Dept is planning for the upcoming 2017 roadside weed spraying effort, which is planned to start in early February.

If you do NOT want herbicide sprayed on weeds that border your property, clearly mark your property or fence with a NO SPRAY sign.

Questions? Contact the Road Committee.