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Community meeting recap

2015 September 28
by Jim

Thanks all for the great turnout at our meeting last Saturday. For those who couldn’t attend, here’s a brief recap:

  • This was not a Road Committee meeting, just a meeting of concerned Diamond XX residents.
  • About 40 people attended. Debbie Ponte, our County Supervisor, and 3 members of the Sheriff’s department also attended.
  • The Sheriff’s representative shared with us that there have been two significant enforcement actions recently, one a pot grow and the other a coordinated operation with Stockton PD, San Joaquin Sheriff’s office, and the California Dept. of Justice.  The latter action resulted in 7 arrests, kids taken into protective custody, and confiscation of weapons and drugs.
  • The Sheriff’s representative committed to having a strong presence in our community.
  • We talked about options for a more significant Neighborhood Watch program, including installing cameras that can record traffic into and out of Diamond XX. The Sheriff’s representative shared that the most effective way to help them solve crimes is by capturing license plate numbers of suspicious vehicles.
  • The Neighborhood Watch group is researching options for Neighboorhood Watch and for camera systems – they will share his findings at the next Road Committee meeting.
  • The most effective thing we can do to deter crime is to know and communicate with each other. While many of us live here because we value our privacy, we can make an extra effort to know our immediate neighbors, recognize what cars belong in our areas, and talk to each other when we see something out of place.
  • This website and the announcement list are one way we can communicate. If you haven’t done so, please consider signing up for the email Announcement List (the link is on the Right-hand side of this page). This email list is only used for things like Road Committee meetings, fire updates, etc.
  • There may be some interest in setting up a Facebook or similar group. If you are interested, find me at the next Road Committee meeting.



Road Committee Meeting October 25, 1pm, Copper Fire Dept.

2015 September 28
by Jim

Please mark your calendars: Your Road Committee has reserved the Copperopolis Fire Dept. Training room for our next meeting, SUNDAY, Oct 25 at 1 pm. An agenda & road signs will be appearing in the coming weeks to remind you of this VERY important meeting that will include the expenditure of our funds for security within our community.

I want to personally thank all those who attended the emergency community meeting last Saturday and ask you to help spread the word so that most of Diamond XX is able to attend this next meeting.

Jeane Kennedy
Road Committee Member CSA #4

Meeting Announcement – Crime in the Diamond XX

2015 September 20
by Jim

Hi Neighbors,

Over the past two weeks there have been two major police actions in the Diamond XX, one of which was part of a multi-jurisdiction “gang takedown” involving the three counties and federal law enforcement. These busts have included confiscation of thousands of marijuana plants and the arrest of known gang affiliates.

A few of our neighbors have arranged for a community meeting at 10am, Saturday, Sept. 26th, at the Copperopolis Fire Station. We’ve invited the Sheriff to brief us on these recent developments, and Debbie Ponte, our County Supervisor, to attend as our representative. I know this is short notice, but please plan to attend, and invite your neighbors who might not subscribe to this website to come as well.

See you there.


Thanks Neighbor

2015 April 18
by Jim

The fresh paint on our entrance signs looks great!


Sinkhole develops on Cantle Street

2015 April 2
by Jim

A sinkhole has developed under the pavement on Cantle, completely undermining the pavement. Your DiamondXX Road Committee is on it, working with County maintenance to come up with a solution.

The crack field reporters are on the scene:




Our courageous reporters even donned their spelunking gear and crawled inside:

Old Style Campaigning Coming to the DiamondXX

2014 September 13
by Jim

Judge Hugh Swift, in an effort to reach the more remote areas of our county, will be campaigning via horseback in Diamond XX on Monday!

Charity Maness will be reporting more on this over at the Copper Gazette.

Singletree washout crossing (pedestrian) cleared

2014 August 4
by Jim

Our neighbor Leo Baschy reports: 

The Singletree washout crossing is easier to use again.  I trimmed vegetation this morning.  Done for recreational use and people of any age getting around on foot and bicycle.  If someone crosses with a horse, that would be interesting to know.  This isn’t yet a replacement metal foot bridge, but this is what could be done by one person in a morning.

Thanks Leo!

Congressman Tom McClintock Coming to Copperopolis this Thursday

2014 August 4
by Jim

Mark your calendars!

From Jeane Kennedy:

Our Congressman, Tom McClintock, will be holding a town meeting at the Armory. Please attend and show him how important our representation is.
Thursday, August 7th (that’s this Thursday folks!)
6 pm
I know from our community meetings that many of our residents have ideas they’d like to share.
So, see you there,

Diamond XX Lost & Found

2014 July 18
by Jim

Lost or found keys, cats, dogs, horses, or something else? Add a comment to this post and hopefully items and owners can be reunited!

Initial Study-Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Stagecoach Road Bride project

2014 July 18
by Jim

The Initial Study-Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Stagecoach Road Bride project is now ready for public dissemination. The county asks that we make the study available for comments to Diamond XX owners/residents.

You can access the document here.

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Thanks to Jeanne Kennedy for passing this along.